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Award-Winning Holy Land Production Company

Experienced Production company Supporting,Producing, Directing and Filming award-winning documentaries Historic and current-affairs Films based in the Holy-Land

Exclusive Access

Being well-connected on both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian Authority helps our team of Palestinian and Israelis to provide clients with local Producers and gain exclusive access to locations, people, stories and filming permits.

Safe & Equipped

We provide fixers, field producers, crew cars, filming kit and permits, and can handle complicated productions in both peace times and under fire.

Extensive Support

We support and provide foreign productions with fixers and  extensive research and 24/7 support before, during, and after a shoot.

Our experience has led us to continue and create original Holy Land Productions documentaries in the middle east and beyond.

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Holy Vegans

Holy Vegans The first Vegans in the Middleast were The black Hebrews of Dimona. Our story follows their emergence as the first to establish and promote Veganism in Israel and the rest of the Middle East. ​We follow Yair Israel born and raised Vegan from Dimona in...

Mumbai Jews

Mumbai Jews For many centuries Jewish communities have flourished and lived in India, coexisting with the many other religions that make up the texture of Indian society. Unlike other countries where Jews felt discriminated and feared for their safety, India provided...

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Covering the latest unrest in Jerusalem for Vice on HBO

Again, like a broken record, violence and unrest in the beautiful streets of Jerusalem,Israel. This round of violence sparked by the murder of 2 Israeli Druze Police officers shot and killed while on duty standing guard at one of Temple Mount / Haram Al Sharifs many...