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  1. Louis Theroux

    I worked with Oren on a documentary about Israeli settlers. We found ourselves in some high-pressure and potentially dangerous situations in the Occupied Territories, including a large and unruly protest in the Arab town of Nabi Saleh. He was a great asset to the team.July 21, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

  2. Cindy E. Rodriguez

    Before my reporting trip to Israel, I spent weeks trying to find the right fixer. I passed up many who exaggerated their skills and claimed to have the right contacts, when it was clear that they didn’t. Oren was different. He was a straight shooter who promised what he knew he could deliver, but always exceeded his own expectations. As someone who was born and raised in Israel and has worked as a journalist for more than a dozen years, Oren has contacts in all facets of Israeli life. I can’t stress how important that is for a journalist who is parachuting into a country to do a story. Oren helped me navigate all kinds of complex issues and unforeseen obstacles that came up. He’s also extremely personable, has a strong work ethic, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as a fixer, producer and cameraman. October 22, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 1st Cindy E. Rodriguez, hired Oren as a Cameraman/Fixer in 2011

  3. Roger Corke

    We hired Oren Rosenfeld as a TV producer in Israel for a BBC current affairs film. Having worked all over the world with many different people, I can confidently say that Oren is one of the very best producer I have ever worked with. The next time I work in Israel, Oren Rosenfeld’s will be the first number I call. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Roger Corke TV Producer-director.

  4. David Blumenfeld

    Oren Rosenfeld is my #1 choice as a producer and fixer in Israel. He finds and gets the stories nobody else is able to, in a professional way.

  5. Ninetta Roggli

    Oren Rosenfeld was recommended to me by a journalist from the Swiss TV-Station and we hired him as a fixer and translator to shoot several interviews for a documentary film in May 2012. If we ever shoot in Israel again, he’s the first person I’d call! Oren was extremely helpful and reliable. Communication was excellent – I always got an answer to my emails within an hour. The sensitive subject of the interviews asked for a person with tact and a pleasant personality, and Oren was just the right man for that. I can only recommend working with him!

  6. David Langer

    I worked with Oren Rosenfeld on an episode of History Television’s Museum Secrets. This show on the collections in the Israel Museum took us all over Israel, East Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank. Oren was truly part of the production team form the early days of research with his help in liaising with curatorial and administrative staff, site surveying, and identifying potential interviewees. During production he was invaluable in getting us safely to people and places that most North Americans never see. Because of his deep contacts in local government and police, we were able to shoot pretty much whatever we needed. And he got us one of the best hotels in Jerusalem, at a very reasonable cost. This proved to be welcoming home at the end of very long days of production. I strongly recommend the services of Oren and Holyland Productions for any production shooting in Israel. DL David Langer Productions Ltd. 416 364-8941 office 416 209-6569 mobile dlprods@sympatico.ca SKYPE david.langer1

  7. Simone Reeve

    Oren’s a great bloke and a great guide/fixer/location producer. He knows the right people, gets things sorted, and occasionally tells you straight if something is going to take a while or isn’t possible. He was recommended to me by someone I trust, and I’ll be recommending him to others – for the usual 20%. Admittedly he did ask me to write these few words, but I could have ignored him and not bothered. The only thing I’d question is his knowledge of cheesy 1980s pop. Don’t let him choose the radio station on a drive. Apart from that he’s the man.

  8. Lizzie Abbott

    I worked with Oren on the BBC`s Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve series. He did a brilliant job for us. Through his good connections he was able to find us strong contributors in obscure subject areas, gain access to places which are notoriously difficult to film in and generally paved the way for a remarkably smooth shoot. One of the best fixers I’ve had the great pleasure of working with. Highly recommended. I’d also be happy to speak to anyone who needs a reference.

  9. Michael O. Sajbel

    From the moment we met Oren at the airport in Tel Aviv, I knew we were in good hands. Partially because my field producer and my producers in LA told me how confident they were in their preproduction dealings with Oren. Beside basically “doing it” (as opposed to making excuses why something couldn’t be done), his professionalism as well as his calm demeanor were invaluable. There’s one thing a director cannot stand and that is being told “No, you can’t shoot there” or “no, you can’t do this” or “no, there isn’t time on your schedule.” Oren is the antithesis of that. He finds a way to get things done. He never gave up on a shot, even if it meant u-turns, driving through a kibbutz and crawling under a fence. (Seriously). I also really enjoyed his company. At our request he hung out with the crew at night and you never felt that he had bigger fish to fry or somewhere else to be. When Oren is with you, he’s with you. So add dedication to the list. This is the part where I say please email me or give me a call if you have any questions about Oren. I can also put you in touch with my producers if you need to talk to somebody in that area. I would without hesitation recommend Oren and would without hesitation work with him again. In fact, he’s our guy in Israel.

  10. Jane Manning

    I’ve been lucky to work with Oren on two recent work trips to Israel – one for research, one for filming – and cannot recommend him highly enough. He’s super intelligent, has a lovely, calm demeanour, is a ‘yes’ person, anticipates, deals beautifully with people, is great company and has immense local knowledge (including the best places to eat!) Would love to work with you again, Oren.

  11. Andrew Denton

    Oren has everything you look for in a Producer: Smart, connected, calm and one step ahead of the game. I got the sense that he would have killed for me – or just killed me – if either was necessary. This I found strangely reassuring. Oren also has a very black sense of humour, perfectly suited to his line – and place – of work. Unless you are timid, dull and utterly humourless I thoroughly recommend him.

  12. Hans Hermans

    “Traveling as a documentary filmmaker all across the globe for 20 years, I have work with many local producers in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East. Yet never before did I meet a local producer like Oren Rosenfeld. I have worked with him extensively for about ten days in September 2014, producing a 50-minute documentary for Dutch Public Television. During the production process, I could not have been more satisfied with his work. Oren is extremely proactive, has a huge knowledge of the history of the conflict and knows his contacts on both sides of the fence. Before I could think of anything during the shoot, he had already taken care of it. Add to that a strong dose of humour and you have found your perfect local producer.”
    Hans Hermans
    Documentary Filmmaker
    ICU Documentaries
    Dutch Public Television

  13. Jimmy

    I worked with Oren recently on a busy news/current affairs trip to Israel for the Seven Network Australia and I can’t recommend him highly enough! His organisation, professionalism, contacts and knowledge make him an invaluable asset to us in the region. Not only does he deliver professionally, we had a fantastic time working with him on location as well. The best combination you could ask for in a Producer!


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