Filming in Israel and in Palestine requires experience and local understanding. It is an area of high international interest, however, production of TV shows, news, and filming in the region can be complex and requires a deep understanding of local politics and culture, as well as access to key figures and sensitive locations in Both in Israel and in the West-Bank and Gaza.

What we offer:

  • Film Permits – For filming in Israel, in an army base, airport, police station, mosque, church, synagogue, hospital, holy sites and more.
  • Filming in the West Bank and Gaza – Including fixers, transportation of crew and equipment in and out of the Palestinian Authority.
  • Fixers – Our team of experienced local fixers can handle literally any production requirement with deep local cultural understanding and proven exclusive access.
  • Interview Coordination with politicians, security advisers, social leaders, artists, musicians and more.
  • Complete Content Creation – from concept to production to post-production we create high-quality content.
  • Equipment Hire – We have a Canon C300 MKII and a Sony PXW-X70 as well as any additional filming equipment on demand.
  • Transport/Accommodation solutions – We have discounts on various Hotels and and special deals with transportation companies and drivers.